Anyone for golf (or tennis)?

Anyone for golf (or tennis)?

July 31, 2013
Do you think Message Hero and mobile marketing is all texting customers about your latest offers or new stock? Think again.

Message Hero has a number of applications that go above and beyond sales, including keeping in touch with important connections (members, subscribers, frequent visitors, etc.) which makes it the ideal tool for sports club communications.

This should be music to your ears if you're involved in the running of a sports club. Why? Because Message Hero can manage team sign updates, reduce paperwork and save time.

Text Messaging for Sports Clubs

Using Message Hero you can create different groupings for different teams and types of members; each group can be contacted with one message from any online device, phone, PC, tablet, whatever. You can even schedule messages to be sent in advance, making it ideal to schedule reminders on the morning of an event.

SMS beats email & snail mail

Message Hero does away with complicated spreadsheets of contacts, mail-merge, confusing message boards and long e-mail lists. All your information is tidied away into one, simple online interface.

Recruiting new members at an open day?

No problem, ask them to register their interest via text and do away with that clipboard. Best of all, the delivery success rate of text messages is unparalleled. People bin unwanted post, e-mail can be blocked as spam or misread - but everyone reads their text messages when they get them. So you can be certain that your members will receive urgent updates.

Here's how it works...

  1. People sign up for news and updates by texting a keyword (as picked by you)
  2. This automatically adds them to the particular list associated with that keyword
  3. Whenever you need to contact a particular group you can do it at the press of a button from any browser
Text Messaging for Sports Clubs

For example, let's say you meet Rory McIlroy or Rafa Nadal on the street just before a junior team event. You're in persuasive form, and you bend their arm into making an appearance. You might want to alert the team that a special guest will be showing their face. No problem - you fire up Message Hero write a short text, hit send and you're done.

Of course it's more likely that you'll be informing a team of time or schedule changes, weather updates, cancellations or other more mundane things. But you never know...

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