Receive SMS Online

Receive SMS Online Free.

Message Hero lets you receive SMS online free in three ways.

Receive SMS Replies Online

Receive SMS Replies Online

Receive real-time SMS replies online

Receive real-time SMS replies online

Need to hear back from your customers urgently? Send an instant SMS alert and ask them to reply. Message Hero's smart reply feature will detect replies to your SMS and display them in your online SMS Inbox in real time.
Send and Receive SMS Online for Customer Support

Two-Way SMS Support

Offer your customers product or technical support by SMS to take pressure off your phone support. Our web-based interface alerts you when you have new texts in your Inbox and you can easily reply to one or many.
Receive Mobile Poll and Survey Entries by SMS Online

Create and Share Polls and Surveys

Send polls or surveys to your customers by SMS and ask them to text back their entries. You'll receive their votes and answers to your SMS Inbox. You can collate the results and text your customers the outcome.
Receive Customer Feedback by SMS online

Receive Customer Feedback by SMS

Want to know what your customers think of your product or service? Ask them for feedback by text message and find out what they like and dislike. You can later use their feedback to improve their experience.

Receive SMS Online to your free keyword

Receive SMS to Keyword

Every Message Hero account comes with a free keyword on our shortcode 51772. Signup to choose your keyword.

Receive Mobile Opt Ins by SMS online

Text-to-Join Mobile Opt Ins

Your customers can text your keyword to 51772 to opt-in to your SMS marketing offers. They could also register interest in a class or show support for a cause.
Receive SMS Competition Entries Online

Run an SMS Competition

Send your customers a competition question and ask them to text your keyword + their answer to 51772. Their entry can also be an opt-in if you like.
Receive Callbacks and Information Requests by SMS Online

Callback and info requests by SMS

Ask your customers to text your keyword to 51772 to ask for a callback or to be sent a brochure, link, voucher or other information by SMS instantly 24/7.
Forward SMS to email address

SMS to Email Forwarding

Message Hero allows you to forward all SMS sent to your keywords to an email address.

Send SMS online and receive replies to your phone

Receive SMS Replies to your Mobile Phone