Send Text Messages Online

Send Text Messages Online

Reach your customers, staff or members instantly by SMS from our simple web interface.

Pre-pay flat-rate SMS UK

Great value, reliable bulk SMS for business

Send text messages online to keep your customers informed with special offers, news, events, reminders, urgent notices, links and more.

Send Personalised Business Text Messages

Personalise your business text messages

Tailor your text messages to your customers by personalising them.

Create and use SMS templates for similar text message layouts

Create and use SMS Templates to save time

Easily create and choose templates to re-use similar text message layouts and save time getting your texts ready to send.

  • SMS Templates

    Easily create templates for message layouts you know you will use often to save time. You can choose these when you compose your messages, then just alter the parts you want to change and send or schedule.

  • Automatic Drafts

    Drafts of your text messages are also saved automatically as you compose, so you can come back and finish incomplete messages later.

Save time with SMS templates when you send SMS online

Send text messages online instantly, schedule them or set them to repeat.

Timing your business SMS with Message Hero

Send your SMS instantly, schedule them to send at a future time/date or set them to repeat.

  • Send SMS Instantly

    Easily send your message to 1000's of contacts in one go - just choose your contacts, enter your message text and send!

  • Schedule SMS to Send Later

    You can prepare your SMS ahead of time and schedule it to send at a future date. It will be delivered to your customers at the time you specify.

  • Set your SMS to send repeatedly

    You can set your SMS to repeat at daily, weekly, monthly or annual intervals. Great for managing memberships and reminders!

Send SMS instantly or schedule SMS or repeat SMS

Easily Upload, sort and manage your SMS contacts online

Easily input, upload and sort your SMS contacts

Upload contacts by spreadsheet, get opt-ins with a free keyword or input contacts manually.

SMS Reports

Analyse your SMS campaigns with SMS reports

Message Hero lets you view reports on SMS delivery as well as opt-ins and opt-outs and keyword reports.

Add opt-out information and automatically manage opt-outs for your SMS marketing

Make your SMS marketing data protection compliant

Managing opt-outs for your SMS marketing campaigns is easy with Message Hero.

  • Add Opt-out Info with One Click

    Make it simple for your customers to opt out of your marketing SMS by adding a regulatory compliant opt-out to your text with one click.

  • Automatic Opt-outs

    When a customer opts out of your marketing, Message Hero automatically removes them from your database. There is no chance that they will receive a future text.

Customers who opt-out from SMS are automatically removed from your database