Long Lasting Loyalty

Long Lasting Loyalty

September 3, 2013
You might already know that Message Hero can help you win long lasting loyalty from your customers with lovely loyalty cards like the one below, but are you aware of the value of an SMS loyalty club?

SMS Loyalty Cards

We all know that customers love loyalty cards and they are a great way to market your business. These days the reality is your loyalty card is just going to get lost in a wallet stuffed full of similar cards. Why not give your customers a wallet slimming option with a Message Hero SMS loyalty club instead?

If you would like to collect contact details it makes sense not to rely on your customers completing their loyalty card for haircuts/coffees/golf rounds/trips into space to stop another asteroid (....sigh). Disasters like spilled coffee, paper-tearing toddler or a missing wallet won't matter with a Message Hero Loyalty Club.

Customers love the feeling of belonging to a shared community and an SMS loyalty club means they are retained as a returning customer, and one who will tell their friends about the high quality of your service.

Let us know if there any loyalty cards that you like and check out our Pinterest Board.

SMS stands for Short Messaging Service, but most of us refer to it as texting. Technically though SMS is the system that delivers texts, just as FM is the radio signal that delivers radio stations.

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