Valentine's Day Marketing Tips

Valentine’s Day Marketing Tips

February 7, 2014
Valentine’s day is right around the corner. Have you sent out your SMS marketing campaign yet? Don’t worry if you haven't... Message Hero can help you share the love ❤❤❤

SMS marketing is the perfect way to get your valentine’s day marketing ideas direct to your all customers phones, as 98% of people open and read text messages within 3mins!
valentines day marketing tips
On average people spend around $13 billion every year on Valentine’s day, either on greeting cards, flowers, chocolates, jewellery, champagne, dinner reservations, hotel breaks and so on. Which makes it a dream for SMS marketing during the traditionally slow moving months of January and February.

Some Valentine’s Day marketing tips from Message Hero for your SMS promotions:

  • 1: Remind your customers why they love you: Send your customers promotional offers via SMS to encourage them to book their Valentine’s dinner early to avoid disappointment. Reward customers who book early with two complimentary glass of prosecco. Don’t forget Valentine’s day is one of the most profitables days of the year for restaurants!
  • 2: Show them love: Grab your customers attention straight away by using the right adjectives such as ‘Valentine’s Day’, ‘Romantic’ or ‘Love’ when you are sending SMS messages.
  • 3: Pass on the love: Send personalised text messages to your customers in the lead up to Valentine’s day informing them of the gift ideas that they could get for their loved ones.
  • 4: Join the love: Encourage your customers to text your keyword followed by 51772 to join your SMS loyalty club.

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