Mobile Marketing in Minutes

Mobile Marketing in Minutes

September 27, 2013
If you run your own business you probably often wish for more hours in your day. You might feel like you spend very little time doing what got you started in business in the first place.

Message Hero for Bulk SMS

On average, it's estimated that business owners spend just 30% of their time producing actual products or providing services. If you're a startup that figure goes down closer to just 10%. The rest of the time is spent running and marketing your business.

While we can't promise to give you more hours in the day, we can help you save time and be more effective with your marketing.

Message Hero is designed to be simple to use and is perfect for any company that wants to stay in touch with their customers (and what company doesn't...!). Text messages are a really effective way to interact with your customers and can easily help boost sales by grabbing immediate attention.

Let Message Hero manage your marketing list sign-ups and we'll also help with the important things like data protection and customer opt-outs. You simply compose the text of your message, choose which group you want to send to and then hit the big red SEND button.

We like to say that Message Hero is as easy as email but it's actually even easier. Text messages don't have to be formatted, styled or have fancy signatures so you don't have to waste any time fretting about colours or fonts.

Marketing with Message Hero is perfect whatever your marketing budget - there are no monthly costs and you can buy message credit bundles from €25. We have some great online and SMS marketing ideas to get you started.

So maybe we haven't yet mastered the superhero trick of flying fast round the earth to turn back time, but Message Hero can help you do mobile marketing in minutes. And that's kind of super.

Message Hero will soon be available to everyone. To find out more sign up with us at or follow us on Twitter or Facebook.