4 Tips to Improve Your SMS Marketing Campaigns in 2014

4 Tips to Improve Your SMS Marketing Campaigns in 2014

January 20, 2014
Keep in mind the following 4 simple SMS marketing tips and you'll see better results from you mobile marketing campaign.

SMS Marketing Tips

Use the following simple guidelines when planning your online SMS marketing campaigns:

  • Have a clear picture of the audience that you're targeting with each campaign. You should have some idea of your ideal target/customer. Create an imaginary ideal target and make sure that every text message you're sending is speaking directly to them . This will improve your conversion rate and lead to a great return from the time that you spend devising each campaign.
  • Time your messages with your ideal contact in mind. There is no point in sending a promotional message to a Pilates class subscriber at 11pm on a Saturday night. However sending it on a Monday morning when the next week has begun should lead to it getting the desired consideration from the recipient.
  • Offer something to your contact. Whether it's a discount, new update or simply advice make sure that you leave your contact grateful for having received the message from you. This should reduce your opt-out rates and lead to your contacts viewing you brand with trust and respect.
  • Evaluate, review and reconsider: It is vital that you have a detailed look at the results of your campaign. Gauge the success of your campaign so that you learn for your next SMS marketing campaign. This will lead to a greater return over time and ensure that you are investing your money and time correctly.

Tip:Take the first step and send your first text message marketing campaign today.

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